Miranda Schroeder

Hey there! I’m Miranda Allen


I live on the West Michigan lakeshore in a creaky old Victorian with my future hubby and two pups, Porter and Piper. I studied marketing in undergrad and went on to earn my MBA at Ball State University, chirp, chirp. I worked as a digital marketing specialist for two years out of college and now, I am a marketing manager at a medical device company in Indianapolis.

I also own a digital marketing company, Thoughtfully Designed, that helps badass women grow their online blogs and businesses. I’ve always loved to write and had an entrepreneurial itch. I started my first blog in 2014, but couldn’t quite land on anything I was deeply passionate about. After many, many attempts, I found my passion, vintage, thrifting, and home decor.

Over two years, I built an amazing community of home decor loving women on @thoughtfullythrifted and one day I realized something was pulling on my heart strings. God was telling me to open up my heart and share the real, raw intricacies of life with these amazing women. This community is about more than home decor. It is a place of true transparency for women all over the word to connect, inspire, and share their truth.


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