Guest Bathroom Renovation: Before & After

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The vintage bathrooms were a huge selling point when we purchased our home. We nicknamed our downstairs guest bathroom “pinkie.” She was equipped with ALL things muted pink and an outdated washer and dryer to make going pee extra cozy.

The washer and dryer didn’t stay in the bathroom for long. A few weeks after we moved into the house, I noticed a really foul smell. Surprise, pinkie’s toilet was leaking. The brown adhesive floor tiles popped up with little to no effort thanks to the toilet water running underneath of them.

We called the plumber and he came out to take a look. Turns out, the toilet was flushing INTO the crawl space beneath it. At this point, Andrew and I decided we were going to renovate the entire bathroom. I tried to hire a contractor but that was an impossible feat, so Andrew decided to make this bathroom his paternity leave project.

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I knew I wanted classic black and white tiles. The rest of the design was on a whim. I gravitated towards this deep, emerald green vanity and the wallpaper was an absolute coincidence. I purchased the dark, floral wallpaper from Rife Paper for Ryan’s nursery and the design of her room ended up going in a completely different direction.

I am so happy to finally have a functioning toilet! We purchased the toilet from Home Depot and it’s been great. Andrew loves a good soft close lid, so that was a must. I ordered the gorgeous faucet and the warm brass light fixture from Wayfair. The matte black toilet paper and hand towel holder were the perfect intentional detail. The mirror is from Hobby Lobby. I liked it so much that I bought two. The shade is my go-to from Amazon!

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I try not to notice all of the flaws in this bathroom. My husband worked his butt off and learned a lot along the way. He had never done tile work or installed a sink. It’s far from perfect, but I am so thankfully for not having to climb the stairs every single time I need to pee! That said, I LOVE the design of this tiny guest bath. It’s everything I wanted it to be.

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