My Simple Skincare Routine

January 17, 2020

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This simple skincare routine has completely changed my skin. I have always struggled with controlling my acne, but I never gave much thought to my skincare beyond managing breakouts. At 26, I’m starting to understand the importance of skincare! Better late than never.

I used to call my skin combination, but it has been very dry over the last year or two. It’s taken a lot of trial and error to find a realistic routine and products that work for my skin.

Here are a few things that are helping me keep my skin happy and healthy.

A Clean, Healthy Diet

I’ve noticed that my diet plays a major role in how my skin behaves. When I cut out dairy and sugar, it minimizes my breakouts. This likely looks different for everyone, but I encourage you to experiment with diet triggers and how they impact your skin. I need to be better about drinking water, too!

Using a Facial Massager

A friend turned me on to the Foreo LUNA facial massager and my skincare routine was forever changed. You just turn it on, get it wet, squirt your cleanser on it, and it gently exfoliates while you cleanse your face. It also helps get rid of ALL of your makeup which is so important for minimizing breakouts.

Speaking of makeup, I was getting breakouts along my cheekbones and it was from my makeup brushes. I recommend washing your makeup brushes regularly!

I like to joke that it’s a sex toy for your face because it kind of looks like it at first glance! Plus, it vibrates. All jokes aside, I notice an immediate difference if I cleanse with my hands versus using this. I will never go back to cleansing my face without one of these.

The Best Skincare Products

I have tried SO many different skincare products and regimens over the years including but not limited to a full tea tree line, Proactive, apple cider vinegar, Rodan + Fields. None of them have been as effective as what I’m using now.

Here is my simple routine and the products I use:

That’s really it! Nothing fancy and my skin looks better than it has in years. If I get thrown off my routine diet and skincare wise, I almost immediately get a breakout. It happens a lot when we travel, so I’m trying to do better and bring all of these things with me.

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    I can’t believe how much my skin has improved with this simple skincare routine. The facial massager combined with the right products have made all the different for me. Now, the hardest part is sticking to my routine!

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