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Hosting an Au Pair: Everything You Want to Know

When faced with expensive and inconvenient childcare options, Andrew and I both agreed an au pair was the perfect fit for our lifestyle and family.

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I’m Miranda.
You can find me in Indianapolis, Indiana with my hubby Andrew, daughter Ryan and our two pups. I believe everyone has the power to create a home, life & business that they LOVE.
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Breastfeeding comes with a learning curve. This list of useful nursing items have helped me on my journey and may help you too!

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Anticipating a new baby is overwhelming enough without worrying what to pack for the hospital. Use this checklist to take away the guesswork.

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Guest writer Abigail shares nine essentials if you’re considering cloth diapering your baby.

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Up until the third trimester, pregnancy has been pretty smooth sailing. I’ve kept up my busy, active lifestyle and thankfully haven’t suffered too many of the terrible pregnancy symptoms… until the third trimester hit

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We booked a maternity photo session during our Miami babymoon, and I am absolutely in love with how they turned out. It was such a special time.

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Vintage Boho Baby Shower | Miranda Schroeder Blog

Our growing familiy was showered by the most amazing friends and family. As a wedding planner, I rallied my favorites in the industry, and they truly spoiled us.

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One minute, I’m making a list of all the things I love about being married and not having children, and the next minute, I’m having a full fledged breakdown (ugly tears included) because a friend sends me a cute video of her toddler playing in the yard.

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Never before in history have women had such control over the decision to prevent pregnancy. This is a completely new choice we are facing. And while we navigate the landscape of making that choice, there are also so many other beautiful stories of motherhood. I strive to share the deepest darkest parts of my heart here, but I know that my story is only one perspective. That’s why I wanted to bring in other amazing, strong women with stories to tell and experiences to share.

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It’s absolutely beautiful, which is why I think it creates this huge hole in my heart. This massive fear of missing out. I’ve never felt so distant and disconnected with others in a similar life stage.

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It's about the journey, not the destination (cheesy, but for real).

I’m a newlywed living in Indianapolis, Indiana with my hubby, baby girl Ryan and two pups, Porter and Piper. I wear a lot of hats, like blogger, wedding planner, wife and mama. I believe everyone has the power to create a home, life & business that they LOVE.

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