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10 Meaningful House Warming Gifts for 2021

February 8, 2021

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10 Meaningful House Warming Gift Ideas | Miranda Schroeder Blog

Gift Ideas, House Warming, House Warming Party, Hostess Gifts

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Your friend just bought their first home. They’re thrilled but exhausted, living out of boxes and eating take-out off the floor. Buying your first (or second or third!) home is incredibly exciting and deserves a celebratory gift. Of course, the classic bottle of wine or champagne is always appreciated. But there are a variety of gift ideas that offer a more personalized touch.

House Warming Gift Ideas | Miranda Schroeder Blog

Hostess Gifts, House Warming Gifts, House Warming Party, New Homeowner

Groceries or pantry staples. Okay, I know this is a smidge boring. But moving often requires homeowners to empty their fridge. Especially if they move across state lines. Helping restock their pantry or bringing a few basic groceries will be much appreciated!

An easy-to-care for house plant. It’s no secret that a bit of green breathes life into a space. Snake plants, jade plants, and philodendrons are easy -care house plants and will make their new house feel like a home.

Personalized kitchen utensils. This is a great option for friends who love to cook. Every time they reach for that spoon or spatula, they will remember you and smile.

A house portrait. I personally love this idea! A simple Etsy search populates hundreds of watercolorists and digital artists able to transform a listing photo into a piece of art. House portraits will hit that oh-my-goodness chord. Surprise your friend with a housewarming gift they will cherish this gift for years — even if they move again.

A set of locally-roasted coffees. Is your friend a coffee drinker? Bring a gift bag of locally-roasted coffees. The stronger the better. They might need the pick-me-up after all that late night unpacking!

A set of non-toxic house cleaners, like these from Branch Basics. I don’t know about you, but I always deep clean a house upon moving in. Having a set of non-toxic cleaners would make that task worry-free. Does your friend already have a favorite brand of cleaners? Well then surprise them with a beautiful set of glass spray bottles.

A microgreens starter kit. Hamama makes this at-home microgreens growing kit. You can grow sprouts for your salads and sandwiches right on your kitchen counter. It’s super easy — even for a black thumb.

Monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie. Oh, these lovely Anthro mugs. They never get old! Buy a pair with a couple’s surname initial; or buy one for each. Target also has an adorable dupe.

A few board games. One or two board games, or even a nice chess set, make a great housewarming gift. They’re perfect for at-home date nights paired with pizza and a few craft drinks.

A quirky welcome mat. If your friends have a sense of humor, a quirky little doormat is a perfect gift that allows them to display their fun style right away. It will be the first thing their future guests see!

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Buying a house is a major milestone — and it deserves a little something special to commemorate the big moment. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive or over-the-top. The simple gesture of showing you care will go a long way.

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