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Where to Buy Affordable, Vintage Rugs

January 31, 2020

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Where to Buy Affordable, Vintage Rugs | Miranda Schroeder 

Vintage, Persian, Antique Rugs

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The moment I announced I was closing my vintage, Persian rug shop, I started getting questions about where to buy affordable, Persian rugs.

Because the rugs are vintage and handmade, they are truly one of a kind pieces of art. You will never find two IDENTICAL Persian rugs, but you can find collections of styles.

I’ve been buying, collecting and selling handmade rugs for about 5 years now. They hold a special place in my heart! Vintage rugs add the perfect amount of collected and cozy to every room.

Where to Buy Affordable, Vintage Rugs | Miranda Schroeder 

Vintage, Persian, Antique Rugs

There are so many places you can buy vintage rugs including eBay, Etsy, and straight off of Instagram! You can also shop carefully, curated vintage rugs, through vintage rug shops but expect to pay a premium.

So much time, effort and work goes into sourcing, selecting, cleaning, tagging, listing and packaging a vintage rug. I know this because I used to own a rug shop!

Some of my favorite Persian rug styles include:

I’ve purchased over 20 rugs from eBay alone. One of my eBay secrets to getting an absolute steal on a rug is looking at the “ending soonest” auctions late at night.

Many set their auctions to expire at midnight, so if you can catch a really low priced item right as it’s about to expire, you can put in a bid and snag it for pennies! Using this approach, you can’t be looking for something super particular size and color wise.

I’ve also been lucky enough to find some handmade, vintage rugs at thrift stores. If you like to thrift, make sure you check out this blog on how to tell if a rug is handmade. This quick post will help you identify a handmade rug if you happen to come across one while you are out shopping.

Where to Buy Affordable, Vintage Rugs | Miranda Schroeder 

Vintage, Persian, Antique Rugs

All of that said, I am looking for something specific (color and size wise), hands down, my favorite and most affordable place to buy Persian rugs is RugSource.

Their price and quality is truly unbeatable. They also run great sales and have a tremendous clearance section year round. I’ve never received a rug from them that didn’t exceed my expectations.

Their website has a HUGE selection and you can find every color, size and style under the sun. They also ship super quickly (If you are impatient like me).

Where to Buy Affordable, Vintage Rugs | Miranda Schroeder 

Vintage, Persian, Antique Rugs

So, depending on how specific you want to get with your search, I would recommend checking out eBay first, and then heading to RugSource. I’ve learned that it’s worth spending a little bit more money to get the perfect style, color, size and pattern for your space. Vintage, Persian rugs are truly an investment! 

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