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Cultivating An Intimate Aesthetic with WoodWick Candles

July 13, 2021

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I could walk into our home, blindfolded, and still know where I was. Home just has a special feeling and a unique scent. When I think of our home, I think of the smell of the coast.

Home design is about cultivating the soul of your home. How do you want your home to feel? I love a lived-in vibe. Sophisticated but livable. I never want our home to feel so “done up” that people can’t relax. Couches are made to be snuggled into, pillows meant to be cuddled, side tables to be used for that perfect cup of coffee.

Thanks to WoodWick candles our home has an extra bit of ambiance lately! From the welcoming scents, to the crackling wicks, these candles elevate every room.

Here are some of my essential tips for curating an intimate, welcoming vibe in your home.

Add textured throw pillows and blankets to your furniture. Vary up patterns and textures in your throw pillows. Toss a chunky-knit or tasseled blanket onto the sofa so guests never feel a chill.

Layer vintage style rugs, even if you have carpet. It’s no secret that I adore vintage Persian rugs. I love sourcing originals on eBay and Etsy, but it’s entirely possible to find vintage-style rugs as well for a more economical price. They add comfort and pattern to your space. Consider adding a rug to your living space, even if you have carpet.

Incorporate greenery, faux or real. One of my favorite thrifted finds was a faux olive tree. It adds dimension to our living areas. I’m all about faux plants since we have two dogs and a little one on the way. But if you prefer real houseplants, go for it!

Brew coffee or tea. Nothing says “welcome home” like the scent of freshly brewed coffee. Have family or guests coming over? Brew a pot. I bet they’ll say “wow smells good in here” as soon as they walk in!

Add a few scented candles here and there. Thanks to Woodwick, I’ve been enjoying the crackle and scent of wooden wick candles throughout our home. They smell divine, and that fire-crackle sound fills a space with all the homey vibes! Some of my favorite scents includes Whipped Matcha, Costal Sunset and Lavender Spa.

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Making your house feel warm and welcoming isn’t complicated. A few simple design touches can make a big impression. But in all honesty, the most important element is you: a happy family, whether made up of one , or several!

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