Seven Chances to Email Your List That You Might be Missing

Seven Chances to Email Your List That You Might be Missing | Miranda Schroeder Blog

January 2, 2019

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Seven Chances to Email Your List That You Might be Missing | Miranda Schroeder Blog

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Email marketing is here to stay. It’s one of the highest converting digital marketing channels. Let that sink in for a moment… YET, I bet you spend 10 times the amount of time scrolling through your social media feeds than you do strategizing and executing your Email marketing. You know we love Instagram around here, but we love, love email marketing and here is why:

These people are in for the long haul. They gave you something (likely their name & email address) in exchange for your emails. When an exchange takes place (think money) both parties tend to feel more invested. Not only are these people invested, they are YOURS! You can reach them anytime you like.

1) After Every Form Fill

Behavioral emails are the bomb! They help you reach the right person at the right time. Always, always send your prospect or customer an email right after they complete a form fill. Doing this manually would be insane! Set up an auto-responder email for each form you have on your website.

There are tons of great platforms out there but I highly recommend ActiveCampaign. This email marketing software will allow you to automate all sorts of emails! I used to use the free version of MailChimp, and honestly it sucks. It’s not a good platform for automation and advanced segmentation.

2) After a Specific Page View

ActiveCampaign email marketing software will allow you to trigger an email based on a behavioral characteristic like a page view. For example, If Jane looked at swimsuits for 10 minutes on your website, you could send her an email with which swimsuits are on sale. Again, another reason why I choose ActiveCampaign over MailChimp all day every day.

3) Weekly or Monthly Newsletters

I am a firm believer of sending newsletters on a regular cadence. Newsletters drive you to produce valuable content on the reg. They also keep your contact data clean and shiny. If you go five months between sending any emails, a good chunk of your email list will decay.

When you go to send an email you are going to receive a flood of bounced addresses which is bad for your sending reputation! Create and schedule your newsletters in ActiveCampaign. If you batch a month of email newsletters in one sitting, it will feel like you are cruising with little to no effort. I’m making this one of my goals for this year!

4) When New Blogs are Posted

Another prime opportunity for automating communications. Have your blog readers subscribe to a blog feed! You can then set up an email to trigger every time you have fresh content on your blog. With ActiveCampaign, you can set up an RSS triggered email to deliver these updates automatically!

5) When you Run a Sale

Having a sale? Let your customers know. Email lets you provide as many direct links to products on sale as you could possibly imagine! If you are an influencer or blogger, you can also do sale round ups on your blog and then email your list to check it out. Then, your readers can access other company’s sales through your affiliate links! Magic money maker!

6) When you Introduce New Products/Services

Let your customers know when you start offering new services or have new products available. If you have tons of inventory, you could even structure this as a digest email with multiple “new” products. Again, if you are an influencer or blogger, you can also do this for other companies where you make an affiliate income off of their products, courses or services.

7) To Promote an Event (in person or virtual)

Emails and events (online & in person) are best friends. Invite people to your event with an email that communicates all the awesome value they are going to get at your event. I always see great click-through and conversion rates when promoting events like webinars. 

Seven Chances to Email Your List That You Might be Missing | Miranda Schroeder Blog

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    I could go on and on about all the opportunities to email your prospects and customers, but another important thing to note is following email regulations and best practices. Make sure you have clear, voluntary consent to email those individuals. Don’t be spammy! If someone signs up for your freebie download that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to receive your newsletter each week.

    Only emailing opted-in prospects will keep your lists clean, your email subscribers engaged, and your butt out of trouble. It’s a win-win for everyone. If you are new to email or currently using MailChimp, sign up for ActiveCampaign here. I’m telling you! It’s 500x better and will help you drive traffic to your blog or website on autopilot if you set it up the right way.

    Speaking of Email… Let’s be Friends

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