Here’s How I’ve Gotten Free Groceries Delivered to my Door for the Last 4 Months

November 23, 2019

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Here's How I've Gotten Free Groceries Delivered to my Door for the Last 4 Months

Miranda Schroeder Blog

This blog post contains affiliate links. Thanks for keeping my creativity afloat.

Holy freaking moly! I did not know this was going to happen when I signed up for a grocery delivery service. I wrote about my first experience with it here.

We signed up for Shipt grocery delivery to take back time in our week. My husband and I both work all day and we go to the gym in the evenings, so there isn’t much down time between Monday and Friday (Let’s be honest, there isn’t on the weekends either).

We were sick and tired of leaving the gym at night & having to stop at the grocery store on the way home. Hours, and hundreds of dollars later, we would return home too tired to cook the healthy groceries we just paid for. Ya feel me here?! Like, I just bought chicken and carrots, but let’s order a pizza!

So, we signed up for grocery delivery, and here is what happened…

  1. We got back an entire evening each week.
  2. We haven’t stepped foot in a grocery store in months.
  3. Our average grocery “trip” (which is no longer a trip) costs 33% less
  4. We quit buying things we don’t need or eat
  5. We eat so much healthier because we are conscious of what we buy
  6. We get FREE groceries delivered to our door

Alright, the last one is the one I did NOT expect! In fact, most people think grocery delivery is way more expensive than going to the store & doing the shopping yourself.

We got 50% off our annual Shipt membership when we signed up through a friend’s link. The membership is regularly $100.00 annually, and we paid $50.00 with the discount. You can get the same discount if you sign up here through my link!

Here's How I've Gotten Free Groceries Delivered to my Door for the Last 4 Months

Miranda Schroeder Blog

So for $50/year we can have every grocery order delivered to our door for FREE if the order is over $35.00 (not hard to do)! We were spending $150/week to feed two people & now our orders are around $100/week and we spend $0.00. Here’s how…

Here’s Exactly How I Get the Credits

When we first tried grocery delivery, I wrote a blog about it. I shared that blog to Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. The blog contains my Shipt affiliate link.

If people sign up for Shipt through that link, I receive a $50.00 credit. I also share this link on Instagram stories every single time I order a delivery! Consistency is key when it comes to promoting affiliate links.

Here's How I've Gotten Free Groceries Delivered to my Door for the Last 4 Months

Miranda Schroeder Blog

You have no idea how excited I get when Shipt emails me saying $50 has been credited to my account! Anyone and everyone with a Shipt membership automatically get’s an affiliate link. There is nothing extra you have to do to share the Shipt love & make $50 for every person who signs up through your link.

With all of our credits, we have been able to get 4 months of FREE groceries! How cool would it be to never pay for groceries again? I’m over here trying to find out!

Shipt delivers from Meijer, Target and Petco in our area. You can take 50% off an annual membership by signing up here! If you refer only ONE person, the entire annual membership pays for itself! Piece of cake!

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