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My Top 10 Home Office Essentials for a Beautiful & Functional Workspace

March 30, 2020

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My Top 10 Home Office Essentials for a Beautiful & Functional Workspace

Work from Home Life | Miranda Schroeder Blog

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The home office is often an overlooked space at home, but because I work from home full time, it’s one of the rooms I spend the most time (50 hours/week to be exact). I want the office to look put together without sacrificing functionality.

I’m highly influenced by my environment. To be creative and productive, I must feel comfortable, organized and cozy all at the same time. These few items make ALL the difference for me.

My Top 10 Home Office Essentials for a Beautiful & Functional Workspace

Hanging Office Storage | Miranda Schroeder Blog

Here are my seven home office essentials to make your home office space beautiful AND functional:

  1. Computer Monitor Stand
  2. Ergonomic Office Chair
  3. Coffee Warmer
  4. Delicious Smelling Candle
  5. Alexa for Soft Music
  6. Water Bottle
  7. Way to Hide Cables/Cords
  8. Storage Cabinet
  9. Printer/Scanner
  10. Shredder, Recycling, & Trash Bin
My Top 10 Home Office Essentials for a Beautiful & Functional Workspace

Office Storage Solutions | Miranda Schroeder Blog

Computer Monitor Stand

If you have a monitor sitting on your desk, it is highly likely you need to elevate your computer screen so that it is eye level. Before I had a monitor, I was using a laptop eight hours a day and it took a huge toll on my neck. A stand for my monitor has made all the difference.

Ergonomic Office Chair

My doctor recommended investing in an appropriate office chair. If you sit all day, it’s so important to sit correctly! Invest in a chair that helps with stress on your body and proper posture.

Coffee Warmer

Having a coffee warmer is a game changer. My office is upstairs, so when I bring up a cup of joe and dive into work, my coffee ALWAYS gets cold. My husband bought me a warmer about 2 weeks into my work from home transition because I complained about it so much!

Delicious Smelling Candle

Burning a candle is always a good idea, but I use it as more than just a way to make my office smell amazing. Lighting a candle is my physical symbol that it’s time to focus and get to work.

Alexa for Soft Music

What did we do before Alexa?! I love having her in my office to play soft music throughout the day. I usually start the morning with Coffeehouse Radio on Spotify and around 3:00PM, when I need a pick me up, I go for something upbeat like Today’s Top Hits.

Water Bottle

If you have your butt in a seat all day, you still need to stay hydrated! I instantly feel a headache come on when I don’t drink enough water. Keeping a cute water bottle on your desk is so important. Aim for a lunch time fill up!

Way to Hide Cables/Cords

Cords are horrible. They can ruin the look of any space. That’s why I’m giving you a few different solutions to hide them! I use a cute basket and place it underneath my desk. All the cords dump into the basket. Bye Felicia.

There are also cord systems that will help you run cords through the wall to the outlet location or attach your cords to the bottom of a surface (like your desk). If your desk has a drawer, you can also do a hole out the back of it and keep the cords inside.

Storage Cabinet

For a long time, I didn’t have a good storage solution in my office, so it was constantly a hot mess. Cords, gadgets, my Kindle, envelopes, stamps, checkbooks (yes, we still have those lol), tape, thank you cards, and everything else you can thing of. It all needs a place to go because cluttering my desk surface clutters my mind when I’m trying to work.

I have an entire dresser in my home office, and I LOVE how organized it keeps me. We also have a small filing system for papers that I keep in the office closet along with my camera equipment and miscellaneous technology cords.


Even though most things are digital these days, there are still times when you need a printer! During a move, we needed to print something for one of my clients and had to go to Staples.

I almost passed out when I found out how expensive it was going to be. Our printer also has a scanner, so I can scan important documents, save them to my computer, and then shred the paper.

Shredder, Recycling + Trash Bin

Somehow, working from home, I still end up with papers everywhere. Whether it’s a contract I must print out and sign or a stack of junk mail, there is always paper. I can’t seem to get rid of it, but I can manage it with a paper shredder, recycling and trash bin. I always recycle first if I can.

Top 10 Home Office Essentials for a Beautiful & Functional Workspace

Work from Home Life | Miranda Schroeder Blog

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These home office essentials will help you create a space that is cozy, functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you work from home, this is extra important! It took me over a year to create an office space that I loved and all eight of these items play a key role. Happy working from home!

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  1. Annie says:

    Please tell me what your wall color is, gorgeous!

  2. Matthew says:

    Hello, your office looks great. I’m decorating mine currently and after the same shade of green. what colour is the green paint?
    Thank you

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