How I Grew My Pinterest from 100K to 5 Million Monthly Viewers in 3 Months

April 8, 2019

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How I Grew My Pinterest from 100K to 5 Million Monthly Viewers in 3 Months | Miranda Schroeder Blog

This blog post contains affiliate links. Thanks for keeping my creativity afloat. Photography by Sweet Lemon Drop.

Update: Since this post’s publication, I have continued the strategies outlined below and am thrilled to share that my Pinterest has grown to 14 million monthly viewers! Treating my blog and Pinterest like a business has truly been a game changer, and I hope you will benefit from these tips as well!

The last time I mentioned the magic of Pinterest on my Instagram account, so many of you were curious to learn more! Pinterest has been a game changer for my blog. I used to use the platform solely for personal use, like to casually look up a dinner recipe or get inspiration for an upcoming home décor project, but the minute I started to use it as a business tool, my blog views exploded. In December of 2018, I made the commitment to get serious about this blog.

Shift Your Mindset – Blog to Business

I transitioned my mindset from “this is a blog” to “this is a business.” After I made that shift in my head, it was off to the races. Businesses must make money and what I quickly found out was that pageviews = money in the blogging world. So, the question became HOW do I increase traffic? How do I increase my blog pageviews? How do I increase the number of people using my website each day? And, how exactly do I make money? I started coming across income reports from bloggers making over a million dollars a year. Clearly, they knew what the heck they were doing!

How I Grew My Pinterest from 100K to 5 Million Monthly Viewers in 3 Months | Miranda Schroeder Blog

Take this Course

I signed up for Michelle Schroeder’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course and I haven’t looked back since. I learned SO much in this course. It completely changed the pace of my blog growth. In just one month I quadrupled my pageviews!

The course was full of helpful material and included a good mix of soft and technical recommendations. If you want to make money with blogging and affiliate marketing, I highly encourage you to take this course!

The end of the course was filled with bonus materials and one of those modules was all about Pinterest. Michelle had mentioned many times throughout the course that Pinterest is an essential piece of the blogging puzzle.

How I Grew My Pinterest from 100K to 5 Million Monthly Viewers in 3 Months | Miranda Schroeder Blog

Why Pinterest

Pinterest is basically a Google for blogs. I mean, think about it… You want to cook a delicious meal for dinner, but you are short on time, Opens Pinterest app on phone. Searches for, “15-minute dinner recipes.” Ta-da! You are presented with a million quick dinner recipes all likely linking to someone’s blog post.

I think most of us spend time repining other people’s content instead of uploading our own. In fact, before I started getting serious about my blog, I never uploaded my own content to Pinterest, but that has changed! I’m going to walk you through step by step what I have implemented from taking the Affiliate Marketing Course to now to get from 100K monthly Pinterest viewers to 5 million.

  1. Clean up Your Pinterest Account
  2. Keyword Your Profile & Boards
  3. Sign Up for Tailwind
  4. Schedule Your Pins
  5. Schedule Repins
  6. Join Tailwind Tribes
  7. Use Tailwind SmartLoop
  8. Optional: Group Boards

Pinterest Strategy

Start by cleaning up your account. Update your profile and apply for rich pins. Make sure your boards make sense for your brand. Get rid of crappy pins that don’t go anywhere. Give every single board a keyworded title and vast description (this made a huge impact for me).

Sign up for the Pinterest app Tailwind. You NEED it to maintain a Pinterest strategy. I promise you. It’s so worth it. Create a schedule inside of Tailwind. Try to pin at least 30 times per day. I recommend 80/20 other people’s content (repins) and your own original pins. If you don’t have a lot of content yet, it may be harder to upload original content.

How I Grew My Pinterest from 100K to 5 Million Monthly Viewers in 3 Months | Miranda Schroeder Blog

You can make pins using Canva and stock photos if you need to! Just make sure when you upload the pins you point them back to the correct link on your website. Once you have content scheduled out (I try to plan one week at a time), then you can start joining Tailwind Tribes.

Tribes will help you amplify your reach. Lastly, you can use Tailwind SmartLoop to automatically re-share your popular pins. Oh, and an optional final note. You can join or create group boards where multiple people can pin to the same board. I shy away from these because I’m kind of picky about what shows up on my Pinterest boards, but many bloggers recommend them to up your pinning frequency.

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    Get Help with Pinterest

    If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t stress! Take it one step at a time. And, if you want some help, guidance and coaching as you tackle your Pinterest strategy, let’s work together! I offer one-on-one sessions where I teach you everything above.

    I walk you through Tailwind, answer questions and give you a solid action plan to get to where you want to be. If this sounds like a good fit for you, book a free consult call and let’s chat! Can’t wait to hear what dreams you are chasing. Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest! Happy pinning.

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