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ORC Week Four: Picking the Perfect Persian Rug

May 27, 2020

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This week was all about my beautiful, new Persian rug. As soon as I got it into the room it completely brought together the look and feel of this space! Rugs can be so tricky, so I wanted to offer a few tips and tricks to picking the perfect one for your space.

Choosing the Right Rug Pattern

There are many different sizes and styles of hand knotted, Persian rugs. The various regions all have their own patterns, symbols, and sizes. Stylistically, one of the main differentiators between how a Persian rug looks is floral vs. geometric. I personally like the more geometric patterns like the Heriz Serapi shown below on the left.

Choosing the Right Rug Color

Another important consideration when picking your Persian rug is the color and vibrancy of the dyes. Traditional Persian rugs are made with vegetable dyes giving them beautiful life and color.

However, you can find rugs ranging from very distressed and mute to lush and vibrant. If the colors in your home are neutral, you may want to go with a more muted rug. If you like bolder colors and high contrast, I would recommend something deeper and colorful.

Red is the most common color of Persian rugs, but it’s important to note the variations. There are softer reds, deeper reds, and orange/rust colored reds. Softer reds look great with a neutral pallet. Pay attention to the tones of the color to make sure it will fit with your decor!

Choosing the Right Rug Size

Now, let’s talk about size. SIZE MATTERS. The size of your rug should correspond with your room and more importantly, with your furniture. A general rule of thumb is at least an 8X10 for a queen size bed or a sectional sofa. I’ve always liked a 6X9 for my dining room table that seats 8.

Those are a few of my rug buying tips to help you find the perfect one for your room! If you are looking for where to find these pretty Persian rugs, I have an entire blog post dedicated to where I find mine for killer value.

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  1. Rachel Joy says:

    I. Am. In. Love. Seriously, I am so excited to see this room update! That dark paint is so beautiful and what a stunning rug choice!

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