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The Truth About Sharing Your Life on The Internet

Here’s the truth, sharing your life on the Internet is HARD & MESSY. Creating a window into your life for thousands of people on the Internet probably seems a bit crazy. But it takes guts. A lot of them. And unless you do it, you will never really understand what it’s like.

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I’m Miranda.
You can find me in Indianapolis, Indiana with my hubby Andrew, daughter Ryan and our pup Porter. I believe everyone has the power to create a home, life & business that they LOVE.
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I know some bloggers that are making over $5,000/month with affiliate marketing alone!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for every blogger under the sun! After a quick consulting session on basic blog post SEO, I figured why not share a simple guide here on our very own blog? Enough with the fluff. Let’s get started.

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The last time I mentioned the magic of Pinterest on my Instagram account, so many of you were curious to learn more! Pinterest has been a game changer for my blog. I used to use the platform solely for personal use, like to casually look up a dinner recipe or get inspiration for an upcoming home décor project, but the minute I started to use it as a business tool, my blog views exploded. In December of 2018, I made the commitment to get serious about this blog.

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How to Stop Wasting Money on Facebook Ads | Miranda Schroeder Digital Marketing |

We hear it all of the time, the term “side hustle.” But what if your side hustle is a full-time hustle sitting on top of the mountain of work pouring in from your 9-5? Great question! I’m posing a few ways to help you not only keep your head on straight, but also kick ass at BOTH of your full-time jobs because let’s be real… owning a business is never a side, it’s a damn steak.

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As 2019 rolls around, many of us entrepreneurs are putting our planning hats on. Content marketing isn’t going anywhere in 2019. I’m living proof. About 30 minutes ago I Googled, found the solution I needed and bought a template. That company never would have made the sale if their webpage didn’t show up on the first page of Google. And how, you might ask, did their content show up on that page? Content marketing.

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I wanted to write a post about monetizing your blog and/or your social media because it’s something I have REALLY been focusing on over the last month or so. For a long time, my blog just sat here. I would post a few interesting things here and there, but I wasn’t earning a dollar. Meanwhile, I was spending countless hours creating and sharing content for Instagram and only using Pinterest as a guilty pleasure vs. a business tool. Things have changed!So you might be wondering why all of a sudden I became so interested in trying to monetize my blog. Well, here is a little back story: I work your typical 8

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