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Plan a Unique & Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home

This year, you may be wondering, “How can I make Valentine’s Day special?” Especially if it’s your first. It may feel a little impossible. But our current world climate does not mean you and your partner can’t celebrate. Skip going out and plan a perfectly romantic evening at home.

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I’m Miranda.
You can find me in Indianapolis, Indiana with my hubby Andrew, daughter Ryan and our two pups. I believe everyone has the power to create a home, life & business that they LOVE.
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Medicine is HARD. The amount of education and training a doctor has to go through is overwhelming, and I think most individuals know that, but what they don’t know is how hard it can be on the spouse.

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Before we dive in, please know that this blog post is just my personal experience sharing money with a S/O and there is no right or wrong answer to this question! What works for you might not work for others and vice versa. I’ve been on both sides of the coin, and there are pros and cons to combined finances just like there are separate finances.

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One minute, I’m making a list of all the things I love about being married and not having children, and the next minute, I’m having a full fledged breakdown (ugly tears included) because a friend sends me a cute video of her toddler playing in the yard.

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For date night, we tend to just go out to eat over and over again. Not complaining because I LOVE some quality time over a good meal and a glass of wine, but I’m also ready to try new things together.

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Shortly after applying to programs, Andrew started getting calls and emails for interviews, which was exciting! There were opportunities coming in left and right from all over the country.

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We asked you for your most BURNING questions on Instagram and nothing was off limits! Some of you wanted to know personal things, design advice and others sought out business tips and tricks.

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Never before in history have women had such control over the decision to prevent pregnancy. This is a completely new choice we are facing. And while we navigate the landscape of making that choice, there are also so many other beautiful stories of motherhood. I strive to share the deepest darkest parts of my heart here, but I know that my story is only one perspective. That’s why I wanted to bring in other amazing, strong women with stories to tell and experiences to share.

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It’s absolutely beautiful, which is why I think it creates this huge hole in my heart. This massive fear of missing out. I’ve never felt so distant and disconnected with others in a similar life stage.

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Medical education is a rollercoaster of emotions. Here is a little update on where we are in the residency and fellowship application process.

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Andrew & I are always looking for ways to grow as a couple. When we first started dating and were long distance, we would buy two copies of a book & read it “together” from afar. It was SO attractive to me that he was open to new ideas, personal development and relationship growth. At the start of our relationship, we were both coming out of rocky situations. Andrew went through infidelity, leading to divorce, and I had just had my wedding called off by my significant other. Because of our history, we weren’t taking the relationship thing lightly.

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What if I'm Not Made to be a Mother?

I can’t relate to this. My heart does not long to be a mother. Never once have I thought to myself, “I want to be a mother.” Never. Period. That thought has never crossed my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I have hypothetically said “our kids” in conversations with my husband, but that longing feeling of wanting a child has never been in my heart.

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How Much Does It Really Cost to Get Married? | Miranda Schroeder Blog

On February 28th, 2019, I married the love of my life at our local courthouse. The stress and pressure of planning our destination wedding has been immense, but this day was so casual, intimate and sweet. From start to finish the day was absolutely perfect and full of so much love.

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I’m a newlywed living in Indianapolis, Indiana with my hubby, baby girl Ryan and two pups, Porter and Piper. I wear a lot of hats, like blogger, wedding planner, wife and mama. I believe everyone has the power to create a home, life & business that they LOVE.

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