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This is the Story of My Life

I’ve been working with a life coach on and off for about eight months now. Yesterday, she hosted a virtual retreat to help women intentionally plan for the new year. She used my story as an example of how our childhood shapes and defines us as adults. I haven’t shared much about this “story” of mine, but there is quite a bit to it.

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I’m Miranda.
You can find me in Indianapolis, Indiana with my hubby Andrew, daughter Ryan and our two pups. I believe everyone has the power to create a home, life & business that they LOVE.
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Let’s just cut to the chase. Weddings are expensive AF. You go to hire a vendor, get a quote in your inbox and cry. I saw a fellow blogger equate wedding planning to crying over spreadsheets, and I hate to say it, but I was in the same boat.

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This blog post was actually a request from a reader! I don’t share much about our healthy lifestyle (CrossFit + what we eat), but if you know me personally, you know that Andrew and I are a bit of health nuts. We try to eat relatively clean and live an active lifestyle.

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How to Make Money Blogging

Happy New Year! I am so excited thinking about my vision for 2019. I have massive goals. Goals that seem unachievable, but I truly believe in myself & the universe to make them come to life. I launched my digital marketing agency one year ago with the hope that one day I could walk away from my day job & be my own boss, but here is what happened…

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I seriously drooled over our wedding invitations when they came in! The palm design couldn’t be more perfect for a Mexico destination wedding being held on a lush organic farm up in the mountains!

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Seven Chances to Email Your List That You Might be Missing | Miranda Schroeder Blog

Email marketing is here to stay. It’s one of the highest converting digital marketing channels. Let that sink in for a moment… YET, I bet you spend 10 times the amount of time scrolling through your social media feeds than you do strategizing and executing your Email marketing.

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I have my money wiz, Katelyn Magnuson, dropping some finance knowledge for you! Investing in her was one of the best business decisions I made in 2019. I’m looking forward to crashing my financials goals with her by my side this year.

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Our winery tour in Sienna was absolutely magical. In fact, it might be one of my favorite memories from the trip. We had spent the last four days dealing with travel nightmares, and we finally got the chance to enjoy the culture, wine, and food of Italy at La Lastra. We booked the experience through Airbnb.

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I’ve been wanting to share this story for a long time. Andrew and I met on a double date. And no, we were not there with each other. You see, I was engaged to be married and Andrew WAS married when we met.

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One thing they don’t tell you when you get engaged is just how many white dresses you are going to need! Your wedding gown is NOT the only white dress you will be shopping for. Between the engagement party, bridal showers, and rehearsal dinner, there are A LOT of white dresses to be worn. I had way too much fun little white dress shopping for my wedding.

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This year, I decided to create a template of my own to reflect on 2018 and plan for 2019. When I first created the template, I wasn’t sure if I should separate business and personal reflections and goals, but after some thought I kept coming back to the fact that the two are truly intertwined.

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Last year, we were moving into our home during the holidays. We came to Michigan with barely any furniture or decor, let alone holiday decor! I picked up just enough last year to make it feel like the holidays. This year, I had the time to add a few things here and there and we learned that our bay window deserves a 10ft live tree! I wanted to keep the Christmas color pallet black & white. Welcome to our home at Christmas!

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A year ago, if I heard the term “mindset” or someone mentioned “life coaching,” my eyes would roll so far back into my head that they would get stuck there for 48 hours. I’m an extremely analytical, realistic, straight forward person that relies on a dose of intuition. All of this “find your inner-self” shit seemed like a lot of fu-fu fluff. The universe works in funny ways my friends. Early this year, I brought on a life coach as a Thoughtfully Designed client, and we instantly hit it off.

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