When Vintage Rugs Made the Room

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It’s no secret that I love vintage, Persian rugs. Once upon a time, I sourced and sold vintage rugs — in the long-ago first days of my Instagram. Even though I don’t sell them anymore, my love for vintage rugs is still going strong. In my opinion, rugs can make or break any room!

Rugs are perfect for adding texture, depth, and color to a space. They ground your furniture, provide cushion, and make a space cozy and inviting. If you have hardwoods or tile, rugs are a must!

A quality handmade wool rug is an investment worth every penny. So many people are scared to purchase an expensive rug in fear that their kids or pets will ruin it, but it’s quite the opposite. Many of my handmade wool rugs are over a hundred years old, and trust me, they have seen it all. Thankfully, real wool cleans up beautifully (Unlike all the man made stuff).

So often a vintage rug has “made” the room in my home. They add the perfect blend of warmth, texture, and character to a space. And a little bit of drama too. Don’t be afraid to use them in unexpected places — like in our boho bathroom remodel.

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Persian rugs are perfect for adding something special to a design and will simply and beautifully complete your space. Don’t be surprised if you become addicted to them — happened to me! Head to this post to read all of my favorite places to purchase vintage rugs.

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