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Spring Cleaning Checklist with Oreck

April 15, 2021

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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks | Miranda Schroeder Blog

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Sunshine has been peeking through the winter clouds here. We’ve still had plenty of chilly weather, but spring is knocking on the door. Andrew and I are still living in demo mode, but my momma-mind is nesting and thinking of spring cleaning. I love opening the windows and letting fresh air pour into our home. Somehow, it makes the space feel cleaner before I even whip out my cleaning supplies.

Today we’re sharing ten cleaning tips that will help break your home out of the winter blues. Oreck kindly gifted me their Elevate vacuum which has made a big difference in our spring cleaning process.

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks | ORECK Vacuum Review | Miranda Schroeder Blog

Use white vinegar to remove shower scale buildup. The majority of Americans live in areas with hard water. It’s very easy for hard water minerals build up on your shower head or shower doors. White vinegar will help remove that build up!

Wipe down your kitchen cabinets. This is so easy for me to forget! But over time, cooking oil, soap, or sink water can splash onto your cabinets. Grab a microfiber towel and wipe down with a gentle cleaner. You can use a degreaser if need be; but if your cabinets are painted, I recommend using simple soap and water.

Clean your baseboards and sweep away corner cobwebs. Okay, maybe don’t crawl around cleaning your baseboards if you’re 20+ weeks pregnant like me. But if you are able, take some time to wipe down your baseboards. It’s also helpful to wipe down your walls to clear out any cobweb strings that could be clinging to the corners or drywall.

Swap out your shower curtain (especially the liner). It’s important to switch out your shower curtain and liner periodically. Replace the cheap plastic liner entirely and meanwhile run your fabric curtain through the wash.

Vacuum or sweep behind your furniture. Have you ever moved your couch and then been amazed at what is hiding underneath it? Legos, dust bunnies, a random water bottle, a misplaced pen. Pull furniture out from the walls and vacuum or sweep beneath it. I have loved using our new bagged vacuum from Oreck!

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks | Miranda Schroeder Blog

Wash your curtains. Be sure to the check the manufacturer’s label, but it’s good to periodically wash your curtains. If you don’t have time to wash them fully, at least give them a quick vacuum with the brush head of your vacuum.

Wipe down your windows (inside and out). Maybe recruit a helper for this task. Take a random afternoon and quickly wipe down your windows. It’s amazing how much grime can build up! Take it room by room or floor by floor if you don’t have time to do the whole house. You’ll love how much light and sparkle fills your home afterward.

Wash your washer. That was a funny sentence to type. But seriously, when was the last time you cleaned your washer and dryer? This is the perfect task to add to your spring cleaning routine. And it will help your machines run more efficiently since it removes hard water scale and mildew buildup.

Clean out your car’s interior. Now, I know the car isn’t “home” (unless you have a crazy commute. I hope not!), but cleaning out your car is a great addition to a spring cleaning routine. I hate climbing into a dirty car; so I make a point to clean it out periodically. We’ll revisit this topic when I have a busy toddler in there!

Wipe down your patio furniture and flower pots. And last but not least — let’s get that patio ready for springtime! Wipe down your patio furniture, sweep off the porch, and clean out any flower pots so they’re ready when your zone’s spring planting time arrives.

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I hope these tips improve your spring cleaning routine. Some of these areas of the home are easily over-looked and forgotten (seriously, whoever looks under the couch?), but you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your home feels when it’s all done. Take it a room at a time — and scrub away winter!

Plus… Here’s a free cleaning checklist for you to use!

Spring Cleaning Checklist | Oreck Vacuum Review | Miranda Schroeder Blog

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