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Create a Cozy Vintage Aesthetic at Home

Utilize these three tips to curate a liveable vintage theme in your home.

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I’m Miranda.
You can find me in Indianapolis, Indiana with my hubby Andrew, daughter Ryan and our two pups. I believe everyone has the power to create a home, life & business that they LOVE.
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When we first toured our home, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the living room. The green wallpaper, built-in bookshelves, limestone fireplace, and large windows fill this room with character. It’s one of the only rooms where we are leaving the wallpaper.

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Nothing makes a home feel cozier then pumpkin candles and layered blankets. I’ve curated a few of my favorite fall items that will make you want to snuggle up on the sofa with apple cider and a blanket.

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Once upon a time, we lived in a creaky old Victorian with an earthy, sage green living room. This room went through so many different styles, colors and furniture arrangements while we lived at this house, but we sold it exactly like this, couch, sectional, and floor lamp included in the sale!

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Our house was built in 1888, and we don’t have a lot of overhead lighting. Because of that, we have lamps in almost every room! There is something so cozy about using lamps instead of overhead lighting.

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I can’t believe the One Room Challenge reveal day is here. When I signed up as a guest participant, I failed to acknowledge the fact I would be traveling for two of the five weeks I did most most the work and product sourcing up front.

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Well folks, here we are at week four and the room looks EXACTLY the same as it did last week. When my to-list is a mile long, home projects are the first to slide. That said, I found the perfect vintage lamp bases to create our DIY Edison bulb lamps to flank the mirror, and I also picked out prints for my empty picture frames. My sweet friend Colette is launching a print shop over at The Lipstick Lens and I can’t wait for you to see her work! I’m obsessed with the pair of prints we landed on.

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One Room Challenge Parlor Week Three Pink Paint Persian Rugs and A Cute Sofa | Miranda Schroeder Blog

Alright guys, it is week three of the One Room Challenge. If you missed week one or week two you can click to get caught up before diving into week three progress. It was a pretty slow week because I’m swamped at work. The pocketbook is also running quite dry as we approach our destination wedding.

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Alright folks, we are one week into the One Room Challenge and our painting is almost complete! If you missed the week one post, you can read it here. You can also see what this room looked like a week ago! We are going for a cozy, Parisian parlor with an industrial twist. We went into the week thinking we would do a pink accent wall, and we came out of the week with a completely pink parlor. I wanted this from the beginning, but it took a little convincing for the husband.

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Persian Parlor Makeover | Miranda Schroeder Blog

I decided to sign up for the One Room Challenge (ORC) on a total whim! I was up late one night working and a friend texted me her ORC mood board and I felt inspired to join in on the fun as a guest participant. If you are unfamiliar with the One Room Challenge, here is the full scoop!

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Welcome to our home! We have lived here for just over a year now and are slowly making this house into our own. When we purchased the place, it was dark, sad and dirty. It has come a long way from when we first moved in. We put a fresh coat of white paint in almost every room and it has brightened up the house so much!

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It's about the journey, not the destination (cheesy, but for real).

I’m a newlywed living in Indianapolis, Indiana with my hubby, baby girl Ryan and two pups, Porter and Piper. I wear a lot of hats, like blogger, wedding planner, wife and mama. I believe everyone has the power to create a home, life & business that they LOVE.

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